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Buy Mill-Direct from the Stocking Supplier / Custom Re-roller of

Alloy 36
Alloy 42
Alloy 48
Alloy 52
 Alloy F15

Strip / Foil / Coil


DFARS Compliant
Mill Certs.

Minimum order
 as low as 50 lbs.

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 The sealing / controlled expansion alloys are Iron-Nickel based. They are used for numerous
 applications that require...

 ... controlled expansion in a range of temperatures
 ... hermetic sealing / sealing glass
 ... high reliability and superior mechanical properties.

 We custom re-roll these grades from stock, to your specific thickness, temper and width
 requirements.  We primarily supply in Coil form, but can also provide cut-to-length Strip in
 certain situations. We supply DFARS-compliant certs, included with every order.

 Grades Standards Nom. Chemistry Specifications aka Trade Names
 Alloy 36 UNS K93600
UNS K93601
Ni36-Fe bal ASTM B388 / B753
AMS-I-23011 Class 7
MIL-I-23011 Class 7
Invar 36 ®
NILO Alloy 36 ®
 Alloy 42 UNS K94100 Ni41-Fe bal ASTM F30 / B753
AMS-I-23011 Class 5
MIL-I-23011 Class 5
Glass Seal 42 ®
NILO Alloy 42 ®
 Alloy 48 UNS K94800 Ni48-Fe bal ASTM F30
AMS-I-23011 Class 3
MIL-I-23011 Class 3
Glass Seal 48 ®
NILO Alloy 48 ®
 Alloy 52 UNS N14052 Ni51-Fe bal ASTM F30
AMS-I-23011 Class 2
MIL-I-23011 Class 2
Glass Seal 52 ®
NILO Alloy 50 ®
 Alloy F15 UNS K94610 Ni29-Co17-Fe bal ASTM F15
AMS 7728
AMS-I-23011 Class 1
MIL-I-23011 Class 1
Kovar ®
NILO Alloy K ®


 Tempers:  We offer Controlled Expansion Alloys in custom Tempers from soft Annealed to
 Full Hard.

 Gauges:  Precision Strip is re-rolled from stock: from .062" Thick to .003" Thin, by Coil.

 We can precision slit to your custom widths, as narrow as .050" (dependent on gauge and

 Minimum Orders:  Re-rolled strip up to 7" wide requires a 50 lb minimum. Re-rolled
 strip from over 7" to 12" wide may require a 500 lb minimum.
 Typical lead time is about 4-6 weeks.
 Widths from over 12" to 14" wide may require larger minimums and  longer lead times.

  We pride ourselves on high quality material, workmanship & packaging, short lead times and
  competitive pricing.  Call us when you need a...
  ...  gauge or temper that your usual distributor doesn't have, or
  ...  minimum order quantity lower than your re-roller's MOQ, or
  ...  lead time faster than your usual re-roller, or
  ...  price-check to make sure you're not paying too much at your current source!

  Please call 860-423-1017 now for a fast, competitive quote.


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