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Buy Mill-Direct from the Stocking Supplier / Custom Re-roller of
Nickel Alloy

2 00, 201 & 233
Strip / Foil / Coil


DFARS Compliant
Mill Certs.

Minimum order
 as low as 50 lbs.

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 Commercially pure Nickel Alloy 200 exhibits good corrosion resistance, good thermal and
 electrical conductivity and stability under a wide range of temperatures.  It is used in food
 and chemical handling equipment, caustic environments, electronics, aerospace and defense.
 Typical chemistry is Ni99.2.

  Nickel Alloy 201 is a low-carbon version of Nickel 200, which makes it the preferred choice
 for applications over 600°F.  It is also softer than Nickel 200, making it more suitable for cold
 forming.  Applications include corrosion-resistant equipment, deep drawing, etching, spinning,
 coining and electronics.  Typical chemistry is LC Ni99.

  Nickel Alloy 233 is also a commercially pure nickel alloy with a low carbon content plus
 closely-controlled low residual element levels.  It combines excellent corrosion resistance with
 high electrical and thermal conductivity.  Applications include electronic components, active
 cathodes, leadframes, temperature sensors, transducers, transistors and vacuum tube
 anodes.  Typical chemistry is Ni99.5.

 Common Trade Names:  Alloy 200,  Alloy 201,  Alloy 233,  Nickel 200,  Nickel 201,
 Nickel 233,  Nickel Alloy 200,  Nickel Alloy 201,  Nickel Alloy 233

 Specifications:  Nickel Alloy strip coil in the 200 Series is specified by...
 ...  UNS N02200,  UNS N02201,  UNS N02233
 ...  AMS 5553
 ...  ASTM B162
 ...  W.Nr. 2.4066 / 2.4060
 Our DFARS compliant certs are automatically included with every order.

 Tempers:  We offer Nickel Alloy strip coil in custom Tempers from soft Annealed to Full Hard.

 Gauges:  Our Nickel Alloy strip coil is custom re-rolled from stock...
 ...  Nickel Alloy 200 strip from .002" Thin to .125" Thick
 ...  Nickel Alloy 201 strip from .002" Thin to .125" Thick
 ...  Nickel Alloy 233 strip from .002" Thin to .062" Thick

 We precision slit to custom widths, as narrow as .050" (dependent on gauge and temper).

 Minimum Orders:  Re-rolled strip up to 7" wide requires a 50 lb minimum. Re-rolled
 strip from over 7" to 12" wide may require a larger minimum.
 Typical lead times are about 4-6 weeks.
 Widths from over 12" to 14" wide may require larger minimums and longer lead times.

  We pride ourselves on high quality material, workmanship & packaging, short lead times and
  competitive pricing.  Call us when you need a...
  ...  gauge or temper that your usual distributor doesn't have, or
  ...  minimum order quantity lower than your re-roller's MOQ, or
  ...  lead time faster than your usual re-roller, or
  ...  price-check to make sure you're not paying too much at your current source!

  Please call 860-423-1017 now for a fast, competitive quote.

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